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7 Day Challenge: Boy Cleanse {Days 2-3}

April 6, 2017

Wow these past two days have been bittersweet. If you missed my first day boy free you can find it here!ย Ok so I was hit up by a guy I really care about and had to tell him that this week wasn’t good for me. If it were normal me, I would’ve gone on a date with him in a heartbeat! However I channeled my energy into my blog and I accomplished so much. Let me dive into what else I did in these two days that really made me feel empowered.

Day 2: Treat me Tuesday

I treated myself to Paco’s Taco’s & Tequila House and I absolutely loved it. I took my journal and wrote down my plans for the day. I beat my face the best way I know how, the “no makeup” makeup look. I also pushed myself harder on my jog, because I wanted to see how far I could go and I surprised myself!

Day 3: Mud Mask Wednesday

Today was a hard day, I thought about boys for most of the day, I just wanted to flirt with someone. I love the thrill of dating, it’s so much fun, but it was consuming too much of my time. I wanted to do something to distract myself because I didn’t want to slip up and reply back to any texts. So I put on my charcoal mud mask and dedicated today to pampering myself. At my job, I tried my best to stay positive and have a good attitude, so that my glowing skin matched my attitude LOL I know, I know so corny haha

What’s Next?

This weekend I’m so excited to finally go out and just have fun for me! Boy free! I want to see what it’s like to have fun without men. I love men don’t get me wrong, but it’s always nice to experiment new things! I will let you ladies know how it went Saturday! If any of you have tried a boy cleanse let me know!

With Love,


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