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7 Day Challenge: Boy Cleanse {Recap}

April 12, 2017

Wow what a journey. My boy cleanse this weekend was so hard! I’m such a hopeless romantic so not being able to flirt with a guy I care about was so hard. On the other hand, I GOT SO MUCH DONE. When you’re finally dedicating all your time to yourself, you would’t believe what you accomplish! Be sure to check out the beginning and middle of my journey too!

Day 4: Just the Girls Thursday

In Charlotte, there is this event called Alive After Five. It’s an event held every Thursday and it’s where young professionals go to watch live music, dance and mingle! So my roommates and I decided to go and just have fun for us, boy free! What we did not expect was there to be so many good looking men out and about. Once we had a couple drinks we forgot about the men and danced the night away just having fun. However, when you leave men alone, that’s when they chase you even more. So we left early and went to the 24 hour diner downstairs for late night snacks.

While we were eating my friend Michael walks in and behind him is a guy from college that I used to know and like! I hadn’t seen him in years and it was so tempting to talk to him all night, but I knew I had to wake up early to jog and get things done, so I cut it short. This Thursday ended up being so much fun, and we did it boy free! Kudos to us. Next weekend, however, I will not be boy free because it’s so much fun to flirt haha.

Day 5: Mani/Pedi Friday

Friday was also a good day, due to the fact that it was gorgeous out, I got my nails and toes done, and I cleaned my apartment spotless. We stayed in and had a wine night and we watched The Money Pit, and laughed hysterically all night!! This boy cleanse was definitely needed.


Day 6: Struggle Saturday

I am just so disappointed to say that Saturday I caved and did reply to this guy I really like. What made it worse is that I ended up running into him in uptown. When I went home that night, I struggled with trying to decide whether to spend my Saturday with him or my girls. I missed him so much. However, I did choose my girls, and we had a fancy night at Ink & Ivy. I started to think should I have done this boy cleanse for this long? I think I needed this time though with my friends, to show them that they are important to me too!

Day 7: Boy Cleanse Reflection Sunday

This past week I’ve crossed off everything on my to-do list and I feel like an organized woman. I’m so happy that I dedicated ALL of my time to me. I feel like I have more control over my life and I am less stressed about boys and who I’m texting. But, I’m not going to lie, I do look forward to date night, but I’m restricting myself to one date a week for date night. This way I get to know men, but I will be my #1 priority. I’ve realized that men aren’t a priority at 23, and better guys will come along the more successful I become.


I hope you guys enjoyed my little 7 day challenge. I did it to show all you boy crazy girls out there, that guys are not the end all be all! They have to earn your time, and your free time should be given to yourself, because you deserve it. If you guys enjoyed this challenge, and would like to see similar things from me let me know!

With Love,


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