A New Beginning

January 10, 2017

Hey ladies! It’s Memoir Mondays, and I have a short memoir to tell. I’m probably the most optimistic person in America but this week was an emotional roller coaster. I was so nervous to launch my blog, and I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it. However, I knew that this was my calling and I’m so happy I made the plunge!

The Best Day of the Week:

Thursday! I went on a date with a great man and the night before I went on a date with another great guy! I love getting to know people and both guys were so sweet and chivalrous. I feel like I’m the bachelorette and I have to give my rose to a final man LOL, but as my mom says: “As long as you aren’t exclusive to anyone, you can go on as many dates as you like!” This day was also great because I launched my blog! I had so much fun sharing my articles with friends and family, & getting know bloggers!

That wraps up the memoirs for this week! As always I can’t wait to see what this week brings! I hope you all had a great Monday!

With Love,


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