The Best Place to get Your Lashes Done if You’re a Newbie

December 4, 2017

I’ve always been the one to keep buying false eyelashes to apply myself. However, this got old really quick when I would lose them at a party or get glue in my eye. Maybe I just suck at putting on falsies LOL! Either way I was interested in other options that could give me the same result: Long, voluminous lashes. When I discovered Amazing Lash Studio, I had to give it a try for my own sanity. I went to the Ballantyne Location in Charlotte, NC.

This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own.

When I first Arrived…

The decor in Amazing Lash Studio is absolutely fabulous! Ladies, I love pink, and if you love pink too, you would’ve been stunned by how gorgeous it was. I am a big fan of aesthetics, and it helps create a atmosphere of trust when they have an eye for a luxurious feel. So, because I wanted luxurious lashes, I knew I was on the right track to getting them.



When They Start the Process…

They take you into a private room with your assigned associate. There is a soft blanket there for you in case you get cold, which I knew I would need. The woman I had was so warm and inviting! Lindsey did a great job of calming my nerves, since I was a newbie. Before entering the room they have you cleanse your eye area with their specialized cleanser just for ALS (Amazing Lash Studio)! It wasn’t too harsh, which is usually my critique of many face washes. She then taped my eye to prep me for the application of my volume lashes! Volume lashes have many lashes on each lash. Then I promptly fell asleep because I was so warm and comfy haha!


When I Awoke…

I looked in the mirror and was shocked at how real AND luxurious my lashes looked!! Plus, I wouldn’t have to keep applying them each day, I was good for 3 weeks! I highly recommend volume lashes because the fullness, and length is completely there effortlessly. I can’t suggest ALS enough, they have wonderful customer service, professionalism, and quality. I will be going there from now on!!


When 3 Weeks Passed…

Only a few fell out, but that’s because your natural lashes fall out daily anyways. Even though some fell out, my lashes continued to look nice because the other lashes were still so full. I truly recommend Amazing Lash Studio for lash extension newbies, because your nerves will vanish as soon as you walk in. This is the place you’ll want to keep coming back to!


With Love,


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