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Valentine’s Day & Late Winter Look Book

By on February 15, 2019

Hey guys! This post is gonna be short and sweet. I know you all have the attention span of a rabbit (I do too) so I’m not even gonna prolong the goodies any longer! Below are some late winter trends that I’m loving!! BTW I only post monthly on the blog, my IG is way better if you want constant updates of my looks that I curate. IG handle: @thealayamemoirs

Processed with VSCO with u3 preset

This coat is from Charlotte Russe, the shoes are from Primark.

Entire look is from Primark.


This outfit is from Charlotte Russe.


Entire look is from Fashion Nova.

Entire look is from Shein.


With Love,


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Fall Jackets & Sweaters to Satisfy your Vintage Cravings

By on November 7, 2018

Hey ladies! SO this move has slowed me down so much! However, I’m back to blogging and I promise I’ll be consistent from now on! I’ve curated 3 looks for you guys to get inspired by and hopefully give you ideas to purchase some vintage looks for the season!

The Thick, Houndstooth Blazer


This is perfect to keep you warm and play up those late 80s and early 90s vibes!


The Fun Pink, Fur, Bomber Jacket


This was such a fun look to do! I paired it with heart/circle hoops and a pink sweater dress! Everything was from Forever 21!


Use Vintage Brands to Your Advantage


What I mean by this is, use brands that were popular in the time period you are embodying! It’s an easy way to make a vintage look pop!

That’s it! Be sure to follow me on IG to always get a first look of my outfits! IG handle: @thealayamemoirs


With Love,


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6 Summer 2018 Looks that will Make You Unforgettable

By on July 3, 2018

Hey guys! The 4th of July is tomorrow and if you’re like me you waited until the last moment to get an outfit together for the occasion. Fear not! I have some summer looks that are sure to turn heads, and give you that unforgettable glow.

Flare Sleeved Romper

Romper and jumpsuits are so cute for events like cookouts and music festivals! I got mine from Altar’d State!


Flowy Wrap Skirts

Go with the flow is all 2018 is about, that is with dresses or skirts of course! I got my flowy, maxi skirt from Forever 21.

Tube Tops with a Cute Graphic

Tube tops are so early 2000s, they will satisfy anyone’s craving for that era! This tube top is from Forever 21.


Palm Tree Swimsuits


The more tropical the better! Tropical designs and patterns are ruling the swimsuit prints this year! The one I’m wearing is from Forever 21!



Well that’s it for the summer trends that I think will make you unforgettable!! Follow me on IG for more fashion inspo!!

With Love,


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5 Shoes That Match Almost Identically to Beyonce’s Coachella Performance

By on May 1, 2018

Beyonce KILLED that performance, I was shook to the core. Like edges gone, never to be found again. Y’all, she danced for basically 2 hours straight!! Queen Bey shut it down! Now, if you are a fashionista like me you were taking mental notes (or actual notes if you were playing no games), and wanted to emulate her looks of the night. Well guess what?! I’ve done the work for you and I’ve found dupes to each pair of shoes she wore that night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Black, Knee High Boots with Ruching


Her liquid leather outfitย was show-stopping!! I loved this look, I found a pair very similar to these here for under $40!!

Sparkly Camo Boots

Image result for beyonce coachella outfit destinys child


These would look perfect with black jean shorts and a loose grey or hunter green top! I found the dupe at Go Jane for under $30!!


Silver Booties That Shine!

Image result for second performance outfits

She even had amazing looks in her second performance!! I found the next best thing, for under $60! These would be perfect for a night out! They are from shopbop, get them here!


The Pair of Shoes That Beyonce Shook the World With…

Image result for beyonce coachella 2018 yellow hoodie

Omg! Guys I need these shoes, she just slayed my life when I saw these!! They are so dope! And yes I foundย  dupe! They aren’t exactly like them, but they are fringed booties with a clear heel. You can definitely wear them with daisy dukes and a hoodie ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can get these ones that I found here!

I hope this gave y’all some inspo if you wanted to get your Bey on!!


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The Best 5 Springy Spring Trends of 2018

By on April 2, 2018

Hi ladies! I know the title looks goofy, but isn’t life boring when you do things normally. I needed a little giggle while writing this lol!! I know I’ve been M.I.A, I’ve been building my social media business, but now I’ve gotten my life together and I’m back on track!! Life is a learning process lol. So I am going to lay out the BEST springy spring trends so y’all can stunt on your exes and frenemies.

Monochromatic Outfits

The 90s and early 2000s are making a serious comeback and I want you guys to be on trend!! Making a Monochromatic outfit look good, is incorporating one color in different shades that complement each other. My favorite color for this look is blue! It looks so beautiful against deeper skin tones!



I absolutely love this trend!! It makes me feel all frenchie inside ๐Ÿ™‚ Berets are the perfect springy trend that will make you feel girly and exotic. This trend looks perfect with a solid colored dress, or a jean skirt and fun top!!




Okay, did y’all see Jhene’ Aiko’s satin look??! She killed that look! I loved it. When you go out at night, definitely include satin in your look, to stand out from the crowd!!


Dark Lips for a Springy Twist

Beyonce’s most recent instagram post showcased dark lips in contrast to her bring outfit! All the fashion hotspots raved about it, and for good reason, it looked bomb on her! You can play with up too, with pastel colors in your outfit, and a dark lip to boldly stand out.


Small Sunglasses


If you are obsessed with the 90s, this trend is for you. I love all the styles of small shades currently, just makes me feel like I’m in a time machine. Remember the movie The Matrix? So good right?! The sunglasses that Trinity were wearing are the perfect example of what shades you should be rocking this spring!


Comment below your favorites trends this season! Oh and Happy Easter!!


With Love,


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The Greatest 2018 Winter to Spring Transition Dresses

By on January 18, 2018

Hey Ladies! Happy New Year BTW!!! I hope 2018 brings you joy and goal-achieving happiness! I wanted to discuss winter- spring transition dresses so that when valentines day comes around you have date night outfit ideas! Also some of y’all live in southern states and spring starts super early down here. So let’s get started!

Suede is Your New Bestie

Suede is perfect to keep you warm during windchill, but lightweight enough to not make you sweat a puddle LOL!! This light brown suede dress is from Firefly Boutique in north Charlotte!


The Little Black Dress that Could

This thin, knee length cable knit dress from Parker and Madison is perfect for chilly March nights, and those odd warm February days. It’s super comfortable too! Shoes are from Charlotte Russe, they give the outfit a pop of 90s flare ๐Ÿ™‚


Winter- Spring Transition Skirt Combo

Now I know this isn’t a dress per se, but the key to pulling off skirts in the awkward, winter/spring days is a long sleeve shirt to balance it! I paired my zip up jean skirt with a bell sleeve top from Mainstream Boutique in Charlotte!

Loving my lashes? Check out my latest blog post about how to get yours done here!

If you guys have any other ideas for winter-spring transition dresses let me know in the comment section!!


With Love,


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4 Ways to Slay Your Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit & Hide that Food Baby

By on November 8, 2017

Hi ladies!! I hope you all are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL foliage in NC this November. Now that we are all done with Halloween it’s time to start thinking about our Thanksgiving slay. One thing I love about Thanksgiving is the MAJOR amounts of uber, delicious food. However, eating that much in one sitting is a quick way to a 3 month pregnant looking tummy LOL! If you ladies are anything like me, you love to kill the fashion game at any event. So if you’re ready to eat good and look good at the same time, read on!



Flowy Dress with Thigh High Boots

This would be perfect for your family get-together! You can pig out and still look cute as ever too.


High-Waisted Skater Skirt with a Turtle Neck Top

You can definitely pair this with some fun colored pumps and kill the game.


Large, Comfy Sweater and Embroidered Jeans

I would wear some blue velvet booties and call it a day ๐Ÿ˜‰


Autumn Toned Poncho Sweater and Leggings

This one is one of my favs. It has a fashion trend incorporated and still leaves you comfy and food baby hidden!



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Southern Life: How to Wear Fall Clothes When it’s Still Hot Outside

By on October 1, 2017

Hola ladies! I know, I know it’s been a while! Ugh, I just was in a funk and was trying to lose weight and didn’t feel confident in myself. With that being said, I’ve cut some ties (boys), and I am feeling refreshed again, and I promise to not go missing again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, let’s get into those tough, hot, fall days.

When Summer Won’t Let Fall be Great

I live in Charlotte, NC and it is still 80 degrees during the day. So, all the cute fall jackets are not an option for us ladies down south yet haha! When you’re feeling like you want to dress autumny but don’t want to suffer in the heat, I have the solution! Maxi and midi dresses will be your saving grace during this period. You can work the autumn colors (rust, maroon, forest green, navy, mustard, dark gray) and still not be sweating an insane amount.








Other Options for Hot, Fall Days

If you’re not a fan of maxi dresses, you can rock a cute, light-weight sweater with shorts and thigh high boots! This lets your body breathe, and still lets you rock those fall trends. Dresses with short lengths and long sleeves can work too! Pairing a rust orange long sleeve, short dress with some ultra cute booties will do the job as well!

If you’re looking for some chic earrings to wear with your outfits check out my most recent post here. You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay y’all that’s it! If you have some great ideas too, feel free to comment them below!

With Love,


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Trend Alert: Optical Illusion Earrings and How to Style Them

By on August 20, 2017

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful week, I know I did! I know you all have probably seen earrings in boutiques that have an optical illusion. Optical illusion earrings are when the earring may seem to be floating or as though they are piercing through two parts of the ear.

The Perfect Optical Illusion Earrings

In searching for the perfect pair of optical illusion earrings I came across a company called Dante Perozzi Jewelry! When reading her about section on her website, I absolutely fell in love with her entire concept! So we’ve partnered up to give you 20% off of a $50 purchase or more on the entire store using the code “ALAYAMEMOIRS”. Dante Perozzi gets her inspiration fromย personal metaphors found in urban areas and from the language of architecture. ย In 2017 she founded her curvation collection and the Cupola Dangles I’m showcasing today were born. When styling optical illusion earrings, choose an outfit that won’t clash with the statement of the earrings! Neutral colored patterns or solid trendy colors will work best.


About These Dante Perozzi Earrings

They are so simple, yet elegant and give the optical illusion that they are floating across your ear lobe. They have three different metal choices (brass, gold-plated brass, or sterling silver). You can also choose to add ruby, black spinal, or white sapphire to the earrings. I usually break out from bad quality metal and my ears have been in complete bliss with these earrings! They are made in L.A. and can be customized upon request! I’m so glad I’ve found a company that loves to give back and makes high quality items. Dante Perozzi Jewelry is a keeper ๐Ÿ™‚

If you guys have any examples of optical illusion earrings that you own feel free to describe them below! Check out my post about mid-summer outfits to see what to pair these with!

With Love,


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!


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How to Master Your First Photoshoot as a Blogger

By on August 3, 2017

Hello ladies! I missed you all so much. I just had my first photoshoot! I researched out the wazoo about everything I needed to know. I found so many helpful tips, and I also learned so much during the photoshoot as well. I am pleased to share it with you all to potentially help you too!


1. Research Different Photoshoot Poses

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to looking up different poses to use. I found so many cute and chic poses that I felt prepared when my photographer asked me to change my pose.

2. Mentally Prepare Yourself for Bystanders

If you’re taking professional photos outside of your home, be prepared for people to stare at your photoshoot. People love to be nosey, it’s in our nature, so just accept that it’s going to happen. Before your first photoshoot tell yourself that you look gorgeous and they’re staring because of that. Even if that isn’t why they’re staring, you just have to believe that’s why they are.

3. Pick Out an Outfit that Flatters You

Everyone and their mama knows that the camera adds ten pounds, so make sure that you pick out an outfit that accentuates your best features. Whatever body type you have, google what fits of clothing look best your figure!

4. Have Fun on Your First Photoshoot

Your pictures will turn out much better if you have fun and keep it light-hearted! Your photographer will thank you for it later. Take a peek of my first photoshoot below!!





If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me below!

With Love,


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