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7 Day Challenge: Boy Cleanse {Recap}

By on April 12, 2017

Wow what a journey. My boy cleanse this weekend was so hard! I’m such a hopeless romantic so not being able to flirt with a guy I care about was so hard. On the other hand, I GOT SO MUCH DONE. When you’re finally dedicating all your time to yourself, you would’t believe what you accomplish! Be sure to check out the beginning and middle of my journey too!

Day 4: Just the Girls Thursday

In Charlotte, there is this event called Alive After Five. It’s an event held every Thursday and it’s where young professionals go to watch live music, dance and mingle! So my roommates and I decided to go and just have fun for us, boy free! What we did not expect was there to be so many good looking men out and about. Once we had a couple drinks we forgot about the men and danced the night away just having fun. However, when you leave men alone, that’s when they chase you even more. So we left early and went to the 24 hour diner downstairs for late night snacks.

While we were eating my friend Michael walks in and behind him is a guy from college that I used to know and like! I hadn’t seen him in years and it was so tempting to talk to him all night, but I knew I had to wake up early to jog and get things done, so I cut it short. This Thursday ended up being so much fun, and we did it boy free! Kudos to us. Next weekend, however, I will not be boy free because it’s so much fun to flirt haha.

Day 5: Mani/Pedi Friday

Friday was also a good day, due to the fact that it was gorgeous out, I got my nails and toes done, and I cleaned my apartment spotless. We stayed in and had a wine night and we watched The Money Pit, and laughed hysterically all night!! This boy cleanse was definitely needed.


Day 6: Struggle Saturday

I am just so disappointed to say that Saturday I caved and did reply to this guy I really like. What made it worse is that I ended up running into him in uptown. When I went home that night, I struggled with trying to decide whether to spend my Saturday with him or my girls. I missed him so much. However, I did choose my girls, and we had a fancy night at Ink & Ivy. I started to think should I have done this boy cleanse for this long? I think I needed this time though with my friends, to show them that they are important to me too!

Day 7: Boy Cleanse Reflection Sunday

This past week I’ve crossed off everything on my to-do list and I feel like an organized woman. I’m so happy that I dedicated ALL of my time to me. I feel like I have more control over my life and I am less stressed about boys and who I’m texting. But, I’m not going to lie, I do look forward to date night, but I’m restricting myself to one date a week for date night. This way I get to know men, but I will be my #1 priority. I’ve realized that men aren’t a priority at 23, and better guys will come along the more successful I become.


I hope you guys enjoyed my little 7 day challenge. I did it to show all you boy crazy girls out there, that guys are not the end all be all! They have to earn your time, and your free time should be given to yourself, because you deserve it. If you guys enjoyed this challenge, and would like to see similar things from me let me know!

With Love,


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7 Day Challenge: Boy Cleanse {Days 2-3}

By on April 6, 2017

Wow these past two days have been bittersweet. If you missed my first day boy free you can find it here! Ok so I was hit up by a guy I really care about and had to tell him that this week wasn’t good for me. If it were normal me, I would’ve gone on a date with him in a heartbeat! However I channeled my energy into my blog and I accomplished so much. Let me dive into what else I did in these two days that really made me feel empowered.

Day 2: Treat me Tuesday

I treated myself to Paco’s Taco’s & Tequila House and I absolutely loved it. I took my journal and wrote down my plans for the day. I beat my face the best way I know how, the “no makeup” makeup look. I also pushed myself harder on my jog, because I wanted to see how far I could go and I surprised myself!

Day 3: Mud Mask Wednesday

Today was a hard day, I thought about boys for most of the day, I just wanted to flirt with someone. I love the thrill of dating, it’s so much fun, but it was consuming too much of my time. I wanted to do something to distract myself because I didn’t want to slip up and reply back to any texts. So I put on my charcoal mud mask and dedicated today to pampering myself. At my job, I tried my best to stay positive and have a good attitude, so that my glowing skin matched my attitude LOL I know, I know so corny haha

What’s Next?

This weekend I’m so excited to finally go out and just have fun for me! Boy free! I want to see what it’s like to have fun without men. I love men don’t get me wrong, but it’s always nice to experiment new things! I will let you ladies know how it went Saturday! If any of you have tried a boy cleanse let me know!

With Love,


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7 Day Challenge: Boy Cleanse

By on April 4, 2017



I’m such a romantic when it comes to dating, and when I’m involved with a guy I get so distracted from my responsibilities. I have a few guys pursuing me right now, but I only truly like one of them. Him and I are so passionate about each other that it takes away much needed time from things we like to do (blogging). We recently got into an argument and my friend suggested I do a boy cleanse! I’m not cutting any man off, I’m just dedicating one week to myself, with absolutely no boys. I’m doing this experiment to see if I spend too much time obsessing over boys and not enough time on myself. Who knows what will happen on Sunday with my recap when this is over, it could be beautiful, or a disaster. I’ll just have to wait and see!


Day 1: Me, Myself & I Monday

This first day of no boys is going great! I slept in, I made myself a warm cup of chai tea due to the rain outside! I watched the movie Miracles From Heaven, and I loved it! Such a great film. I got a text from this guy who keeps hitting me up but I only sometimes reply because I don’t think we’re a good fit. It feels good to see that text and just forget about it.

However, I’m very tempted to text the guy I really like, but I know if I do, I’ll talk to him all day… Not a good look. I have to prove to myself that I can go without boys for a week. Once I stop making men a priority, I will be able to achieve my goals quicker!



Boys Shmoys

I’m just so over the way boys try to sweet talk you into getting what they want! Then they end up hurting you because you were a little too nice ONE time, and they leave! I get so caught up in getting a guy and being able to “boo love” with him, that I forget about all my other goals prior to it! It’s just not healthy, and I need to cleanse myself of this lifestyle, it’s stunting my progress. I jogged with my roommate this evening, and I pushed myself harder because I wanted to have a healthier body for me!

So get ready for a bumpy ride during these 7 days! I’m sure it’s going to be hard but I believe in myself and I know this will work! I’ll be posting a recap Wednesday for days 2 & 3 and what I did to uplift myself! That way you can try your own boy cleanse for however long you want!

With love,


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The Secret Texting Techniques To Make Your Man Obsessed

By on January 2, 2017

If we think about what everyone tells us about how to hook in a man they all say the same thing: play hard to get. However, that’s too vague and how do you play hard to get over text? How long do you have to wait before you text him? What emojis should I use? There are just too many details. Well raise your weary head, and get a pen and some paper, cause that’s gonna be a thing of the past. Read on, read on.


  • NEVER, Ever Text Him First.

This only counts for the first month of talking, you want to make it seem that you have many options and have no need to reach out first. I know what you’re thinking, “I want him to know that I like him!”, and trust me he does, you gave him your number! The real question is does he like you! So by letting him text you first, it’s a constant reminder that he likes you enough to keep texting you. Also wait at least 5 mins before responding to each text.


  • Make the Conversations Short Over Text

Have an amazing conversation with him. Make him laugh, be witty and be yourself! Just don’t make it last all day, you’re busy, and even if you aren’t, you want him to think that you are. So always end the conversation first, say things like “I’m going out to eat with my girlfriends, gonna start getting ready, talk to you later.” This makes you look like he isn’t your everything, and he’s going to have to put in some effort to get the privilege of talking to you all day. This also sets you up for my next tip.

  • Use Texting to Get Him to Ask You on a Date

In my previous tip, you are not talking to him all day and you aren’t always available. Men love a challenge and solving things, so the fact that he can’t figure you out drives him crazy! So he’s going to want to set up a date to either chase you harder or try to solve the mystery. Only accept dates that are a few days in advance, if he says “Let’s meet up tomorrow!” you say “ I would love to, but I already made plans. Let’s do Thursday!” Now you have a date, and now he has time to build up his excitement to see you. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!


  • Use Flirty Emojis to Create Sexual Tension

Use them SPARRINGLY, no one wants an emoji filled text each time. Your texting conversations won’t be long so you want to make them unforgettable! Flirt with the wink, purple devil, and smirk to portray what you are thinking without words! Also you can use a funny gif in your conversations too, this lets him know you have a great sense of humor!


There you go! You now have the 4 parts to my texting technique that makes guys go crazy!  Not being able to figure you out will make him obsessed, and then he’ll think to him self “Wow I think about her a lot, I really like her.” You have just officially weaseled yourself into his thoughts without him even knowing it. If you have any awesome tips with texting guys or any testimonials from using the above tips, please comment below.


With Love,


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