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Trend Alert: Optical Illusion Earrings and How to Style Them

By on August 20, 2017

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful week, I know I did! I know you all have probably seen earrings in boutiques that have an optical illusion. Optical illusion earrings are when the earring may seem to be floating or as though they are piercing through two parts of the ear.

The Perfect Optical Illusion Earrings

In searching for the perfect pair of optical illusion earrings I came across a company called Dante Perozzi Jewelry! When reading her about section on her website, I absolutely fell in love with her entire concept! So we’ve partnered up to give you 20% off of a $50 purchase or more on the entire store using the code “ALAYAMEMOIRS”. Dante Perozzi gets her inspiration from personal metaphors found in urban areas and from the language of architecture.  In 2017 she founded her curvation collection and the Cupola Dangles I’m showcasing today were born. When styling optical illusion earrings, choose an outfit that won’t clash with the statement of the earrings! Neutral colored patterns or solid trendy colors will work best.


About These Dante Perozzi Earrings

They are so simple, yet elegant and give the optical illusion that they are floating across your ear lobe. They have three different metal choices (brass, gold-plated brass, or sterling silver). You can also choose to add ruby, black spinal, or white sapphire to the earrings. I usually break out from bad quality metal and my ears have been in complete bliss with these earrings! They are made in L.A. and can be customized upon request! I’m so glad I’ve found a company that loves to give back and makes high quality items. Dante Perozzi Jewelry is a keeper 🙂

If you guys have any examples of optical illusion earrings that you own feel free to describe them below! Check out my post about mid-summer outfits to see what to pair these with!

With Love,


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own!


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How to Master Your First Photoshoot as a Blogger

By on August 3, 2017

Hello ladies! I missed you all so much. I just had my first photoshoot! I researched out the wazoo about everything I needed to know. I found so many helpful tips, and I also learned so much during the photoshoot as well. I am pleased to share it with you all to potentially help you too!


1. Research Different Photoshoot Poses

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to looking up different poses to use. I found so many cute and chic poses that I felt prepared when my photographer asked me to change my pose.

2. Mentally Prepare Yourself for Bystanders

If you’re taking professional photos outside of your home, be prepared for people to stare at your photoshoot. People love to be nosey, it’s in our nature, so just accept that it’s going to happen. Before your first photoshoot tell yourself that you look gorgeous and they’re staring because of that. Even if that isn’t why they’re staring, you just have to believe that’s why they are.

3. Pick Out an Outfit that Flatters You

Everyone and their mama knows that the camera adds ten pounds, so make sure that you pick out an outfit that accentuates your best features. Whatever body type you have, google what fits of clothing look best your figure!

4. Have Fun on Your First Photoshoot

Your pictures will turn out much better if you have fun and keep it light-hearted! Your photographer will thank you for it later. Take a peek of my first photoshoot below!!





If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me below!

With Love,


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How to Land a Job in the Fashion Industry & Where to Start

By on May 17, 2017

So you’re a senior in college and you’ve just graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising and have no clue where to begin **cough THAT WAS ME cough**. You have an older cousin who is a successful fashion buyer for Ross but she’s busy living her life, and your friends aren’t interested in fashion. Where do you look and how do you actually get the job you’re being interviewed for? To all my fashionistas out there who are freaking out, I’m here to save the day. If you follow my tips below, trust and believe you’ll get that position in the fashion industry!!

Utilize Your School’s Career Center

There are so many alumni at your school I can 100% guarantee that you can be connected with someone who is already successful in the section of the fashion industry you want! Make sure that when you’re finally connected with an alumni that you prove to them that you’re worthy of their time and effort. Always be punctual. The career center may have job openings that you can apply to as well!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to know everything about the position you’re applying for. Do your research. On top of that reach out to people in the industry on social media and show them that you’re worthy of their time. I’ve heard that countless hiring managers will give internships to people they’ve met and talked to online.

Do Something Unique to Put on Your Resume

People love uniqueness. Think of something that you can do to set yourself apart from your competition, for example, make clothes for the poor or tutor a school aged girl in fashion! It’s very important to have these unique things so that you can be amazing off AND on paper!

Stop Being Afraid to Network

Ladies, you need to network! That is the ultimate way to make it in this industry. It’s who you know, and whether you like it or not that’s the way to go. DM your favorite fashion bloggers and ask for an informational interview, or ask one of your local shops who they know in the industry. Being sweet & polite goes a long way with people. Make sure that you’re organized and have questions prepared, it shows your passion.

Travel to New Cities

Take a day trip to Chicago or another city near you and talk to managers in all the small stores you see! Ask them how they got there and if they have any tips to be successful in the industry. You’ll be surprised what people know, and you’ll have a new contact in your contact list! Put yourself out there and show them that you’re confident in the skills you possess! Who knows, maybe one of them will know of a job opening that’s not on the internet that’d you be perfect for!

Dress to Impress

Extra Petite

Image is everything! Oh my goodness I cannot stress this enough. Invest in yourself. Make sure you’re consistently up to date with trends and always be yourself in your outfits! The fashion industry is relies heavily on image. Just think, if the hiring manager saw you and LOVED your blazer, she’ll think of it later on which means you’re one step closer to getting that job!

Go Above & Beyond for the Fashion Industry

Send out thank you letters or emails that truly embody who you are as a person and why they have to have you on their team. Arrive 15 minutes early, and be super friendly to each person you meet, even if they’re your competition! Complement each employee you happen to meet and show them that they’d love to work with you. By going above and beyond your competition you’ll land that job in the fashion industry for sure and as a result you’ll be able to help others do the same.

You are now set up for success, if any of you guys have questions or want me to help with cover letters and resumes, leave a comment or email me!

With Love,


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How to Make Friends in a New City: The Easy, Free Way

By on April 28, 2017

I’ve lived in Charlotte for about a year and a half now, and I’ve SO many friends thus far. Besides my  distant cousin who lives an hour away, I had no family or friends when I moved down here. I stayed with my old friend Jiselle, before I got my apartment and then she moved to Atlanta, and I was left to fend for myself. Luckily, I discovered many, many ways to make great friendships & meet people. Here are the steps I’ve created to help you all!



1. Get to Know Your Co-Workers

I was a manager at Hollister Co. when I moved down here, so I couldn’t actually become friends with my employees, only my fellow managers. However, I created strong relationships with my employees close to my age, so that if I ever left the job, we could remain friends! If your co-workers aren’t your employees, you can always join them out for a drink, and ask them to introduce you to their friends. The hardest part is starting! Once you make a connection with someone, more than likely, you will end up befriending their friends too.



2. Discover Upcoming Events Near You

Google will be your best friend when it comes finding out events near you! Their may be a parade uptown, or a huge event at a club or bar! Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy so that you can relate to the people around you. Dress to impress at any event, because first impressions are key! You want to seem like the person anybody who love to hangout with! I use eventbrite, to find local events, such a lifesaver!



3. How to Approach Someone

It can be hard going to these events alone but what you need to do is simple: Make a new acquaintance fast! When you first arrive at the event you need to approach someone that you’d interested being friends with. Next, you need to say that you’re new to town, and need advice on where to go for fun (or whatever your interested in, i.e poetry). What will probably happen is they will feel honored to help you out and then you can just ask small talk questions to get to know them! WARNING: You do not want to seem like you’re hitting on the person! Just casually say something that will show that you’re not interested in them sexually, for example, “That guy over there is so handsome, lets hope he has a good personality to match!” This clearly shows that you don’t like the girl you just want some new friends!



4. Getting to Know Their Friends

From here on out it will be like a snowball effect. You will start to meet more people from the first person you met, and then meet their friends and so on. Make sure that you aren’t flakey, and stay true to yourself! You don’t have to be friends with everyone, just make a few good ones that you can grow to trust. This also gives you a chance to be a new you, sometimes moving to a new city means you can start over! I hope these steps help you to make new friends in your new city or town. Comment below any other tips you ladies used to make valuable friendships!


With love,



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How to Easily Make Your Bedroom Fabulous

By on January 18, 2017


Extra lighting is so important to making a bedroom inviting. If you want that wow factor, the first step is to have accent lighting on top of the main ceiling light. Mix it up when shopping for lamps, buy floor lamps, end table lamps and desk lamps! You can even go the extra mile and choose a unique and quirky lamp just to spice things up! The reason why accent lighting is so important is because it gives your room more dimension, and highlights the favorite parts of your bedroom!

Window seating

Now if you have a very small bedroom, you can disregard this section! Window seating comes in handy if you always have your friends over, and you want to your room to look more intentional! It also gives you a place to read, or a place to drink your coffee in the morning in privacy! Window seating is also inviting because all you need is two chairs & a window, and your room looks hotel worthy!

End Tables

Having a bed without an end table just makes a bedroom feel incomplete. Make sure you add great end table pieces, like a vase of flowers or cute picture frames! Going back to my first section about lighting, a statement lamp would be the winner of your end table! You can even make over a thrift store end table to give it a vintage look!


I am currently obsessed with tufted headboards! They just make any room so chic and high end! However, if you want to go with a tapestry that is super cute too. Also a wooden headboard gives any bedroom a trendy rustic look. Headboards make your room more inviting by pulling the room together, which makes it look complete! You’ll day dream about your bed all day long, looking forward to being in your room!

Accent Features

This is where the fun comes in! Get some ultra chic wall decorations, hang up some curtains and buy an area rug! You can even think of adding a plant to give your room a more natural look. You will look a pro incorporating the right accent features. It’s important to make sure all of your accent pieces are cohesive. It makes your bedroom confusing if your decorations are all over the place. An easy way to make your decorations more cohesive is to make a specific color palette. There are plenty of online resources that can generate one for you. It’s always a good idea to Pinterest some great rooms to get some inspiration. When you’re all done making over your room, throw a super corny slumber party with your most important girlfriends to celebrate!

I’m pretty sure you’re imagining your future fabulous room, and feel overwhelmed! Separate it into different days and save up money! Invest in yourself, you deserve it! Comment below any things you are thinking of adding to your room!


With Love,


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The Best Tips for Choosing Perfume

By on January 11, 2017

Perfume Shopping

I know I’m not the only one but I love picking out perfume! With as many options as we have in the market today, it can be hard to know which perfume suits us best. Below I give clear, simple tips to making your decision quick & easy!

  • Matching Your Clothing Style to Your Scent

    I’m going to give a few examples to better explain what I mean! If your style is girly and haute couture you should search for a floral scent or a spicy scent. These scents help accent your style and personality! If your clothing style is more of a laid back tom boy, you can quicken your search by going for fresh and clean scents or citrusy scents! Matching your clothing to your perfume helps pull your entire look together to really nail any first impression!

    I am such a girly girl so I typically go for floral scents, I just love the smell of them. However, one of my best friends has more of a laid back look, and she almost always chooses a citrusy scent! When I was studying fashion merchandising, we had to research how perfume scents could correspond with your clothing! I’m so glad I had that course because I now I get to help you all and my friends make better decisions on their signature scents!

  • Do Some Research Before You Go to the Store

    Sometimes your nose can get overwhelmed if you smell too many strong perfumes at once. Also you have you to let perfume sit on your skin for 30 mins to see if it still smells the same, due to your hormones. Read some reviews online of the perfumes you have in mind so that you can skip over ones that have bad reviews! Perfume shopping can be overwhelming, but at least there are resources you can use to make it manageable.

    Also when you’re doing research, compare prices, see what stores are having sales! You may like a certain perfume, but one store may be selling it at a discounted price. It’s always good to get a discount, can I get a woop woop?!!

  • Know Your Levels of Perfume

    In perfume there are levels of scent strength, perfume being the highest and eu de cologne being the lowest. So if you’re looking for a light scent don’t go for the perfumes! Or if you’re looking to stop the show, you should 100% choose a perfume! Store associates have to smell and give advice each day, so they are literally they are the perfume encyclopedia! My extra tip for this section is to be open to what she suggests! You may be surprised by what you like!


I now know that when you go shopping for perfume, you going to look like a pro! Shopping is such a fun activity, but it’s always better to shop smarter not harder! When you walk by, I know people will be wondering what you have on, and they’ll be able to tell you know exactly who you are! If you have a favorite perfume comment it below! 😉

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7 Things to do When You’re Moving to a New City as a Millennial

By on January 1, 2017

Ugh, isn’t it so stressful planning to move to a new city at a young age? Of course not! Read below the tips and tricks I used to make my transition from rural to city girl as smooth as possible!


1. Get a Good Job

This is a given, but the most important so hear me out. Make sure you can get a job that offers great benefits, and a great salary. City living can be expensive and you want to make sure that you will be completely financially stable so you can have fun!

2. Research Neighborhoods

You should do this before you move so that you know what to expect out of your community. Typically, people like to live around people their own age and income bracket. So research neighborhoods for young professionals so you’ll fit right in. Also keep in mind the nightlife, food, and miscellaneous places near by should fit your taste too!


3. Find an Apartment Complex That Fits Your Needs

This is very important. You should google reviews about each apartment complex so that you aren’t blindsided by crazy neighbors or worse (rat infestations). It’s always fun to live somewhere that throws events, so research places that have a strong community! When I was moving to Charlotte from East Stroudsburg, PA I researched for hours narrowing down my options so I lived in the safest, most fun place there was.

4. Find Family Near By

Ask your parents or extended family if they know anyone who lives in your city or nearby. This is great information to have in case of an emergency. It’s also great for unique tips and tricks about your city! Maybe they know the best clubs to go to, or the best restaurant in town. It’s always relieving to know that there is someone who’s lived there longer so you know what to expect.


5. If You’re Religious, Find a Place of Worship You Can Call Home

I’m a Christian, so I wanted to make sure the church I joined made me feel part of the family. Finding a place of worship can be hard because some churches may do things differently than what you’re used to. Every church is NOT the same. When you move to your city, take some time to ask around and get advice from people who have lived there for a while. Once you find your Church, you can make more friends and feel more at home.

6. Find a Reliable Roomie

Now if you are planning to live alone you can skip this part, if not read on girl! I’m not sure about you but I feel a bit safer rooming with people of my own gender, so join sites that make it easy and safe to connect. Sites like or helped me find roommates that were in the same predicament as me. I found my roommates on and I am now really close with two of them! We are millennials, there are so many resources out now-a-days that we can use to transition to adulthood smoothly!


7. Save, Save, Save

Before you make the big trip save your money! You will need to pay for SO many things (security deposits, hotel rooms, etc.), so having a lump sum of money before hand creates less stress. This also prepares you for other immediate expenses such as financing or leasing a car or buying work clothes.


Well there you have it! These are the tips and tricks that I used to smoothly move from a rural mountain town to a southern city! I was able to have fun going out and make new friends within days of moving to the city. If any of you have any extra tips or tried out my tips let me know in the comment section!



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