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Show Stopping Fashion for the Winter Nightlife

January 29, 2017

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are an integral staple of winter nightlife fashion, you can wear a short dress, or skirt and still keep your legs warm. Suede knee high boots that tie behind the knee are all the rave this winter! Leather knee high boots are also really fashionable, especially when they have a super high heel! Whether the boots be heels or flat, they are sure to be a show stopper at whatever bar, lounge or club you go to!


Wearing a long sleeve top and pants are very predictable for winter nightlife looks, how ever if you’re looking for a way to spice that up jumpsuits are a great idea! You can wear a great strappy shoe with it or some cute pumps. I love wearing booties with my all black jumpsuit, it makes it more grungy! In my opinion the best textile for a jumpsuit is knit, so that you can dress it up with a leather jacket or fur coat.

Leather Jackets

As I just mentioned in the jumpsuits, leather jackets can jazz up any outfit! I have leather jackets in brown, black and tan. Having many colors allows you to grunge up any outfit you feel needs it! The 90’s fashion is coming back full storm, and leather jackets are a great start to your 90’s fashion collection!

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Fur Coats

When I think of fur coats it reminds me of Joanne the scammer and her coat LOL! Fur coats go perfect with a form fitting outfit. A body con dress, or a jumpsuit, a fur coat provides warmth and still give your outfit a high fashion look. Faux fur coats are just a perfect addition to your nightlife fashion, I prefer the blush pink coat or a natural looking brown. Also earth toned fur coats are beautiful as well.

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I am an AVID velvet lover! I just love the look and feel of it! Velvet is great for winter nightlife fashion because it is really stylish and keeps you warm too! When you go out, you don’t want to wear your regular coat, that’s not how you stand out! Velvet long sleeve dresses are so flattering, and if you wear a matte lip with it, it will let the focal point be the velvet. When putting together outfits I always choose a focal piece and let the rest of my outfit support that. Velvet is a 90’s staple item, and as you can tell I love the 90’s look! If you have a go-to winter nightlife outfit, comment it below! ๐Ÿ™‚


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