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How to Land a Job in the Fashion Industry & Where to Start

May 17, 2017

So you’re a senior in college and you’ve just graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising and have no clue where to begin **cough THAT WAS ME cough**. You have an older cousin who is a successful fashion buyer for Ross but she’s busy living her life, and your friends aren’t interested in fashion. Where do you look and how do you actually get the job you’re being interviewed for? To all my fashionistas out there who are freaking out, I’m here to save the day. If you follow my tips below, trust and believe you’ll get that position in the fashion industry!!

Utilize Your School’s Career Center

There are so many alumni at your school I can 100% guarantee that you can be connected with someone who is already successful in the section of the fashion industry you want! Make sure that when you’re finally connected with an alumni that you prove to them that you’re worthy of their time and effort. Always be punctual. The career center may have job openings that you can apply to as well!

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to know everything about the position you’re applying for. Do your research. On top of that reach out to people in the industry on social media and show them that you’re worthy of their time. I’ve heard that countless hiring managers will give internships to people they’ve met and talked to online.

Do Something Unique to Put on Your Resume

People love uniqueness. Think of something that you can do to set yourself apart from your competition, for example, make clothes for the poor or tutor a school aged girl in fashion! It’s very important to have these unique things so that you can be amazing off AND on paper!

Stop Being Afraid to Network

Ladies, you need to network! That is the ultimate way to make it in this industry. It’s who you know, and whether you like it or not that’s the way to go. DM your favorite fashion bloggers and ask for an informational interview, or ask one of your local shops who they know in the industry. Being sweet & polite goes a long way with people. Make sure that you’re organized and have questions prepared, it shows your passion.

Travel to New Cities

Take a day trip to Chicago or another city near you and talk to managers in all the small stores you see! Ask them how they got there and if they have any tips to be successful in the industry. You’ll be surprised what people know, and you’ll have a new contact in your contact list! Put yourself out there and show them that you’re confident in the skills you possess! Who knows, maybe one of them will know of a job opening that’s not on the internet that’d you be perfect for!

Dress to Impress

Extra Petite

Image is everything! Oh my goodness I cannot stress this enough. Invest in yourself. Make sure you’re consistently up to date with trends and always be yourself in your outfits! The fashion industry is relies heavily on image. Just think, if the hiring manager saw you and LOVED your blazer, she’ll think of it later on which means you’re one step closer to getting that job!

Go Above & Beyond for the Fashion Industry

Send out thank you letters or emails that truly embody who you are as a person and why they have to have you on their team. Arrive 15 minutes early, and be super friendly to each person you meet, even if they’re your competition! Complement each employee you happen to meet and show them that they’d love to work with you. By going above and beyond your competition you’ll land that job in the fashion industry for sure and as a result you’ll be able to help others do the same.

You are now set up for success, if any of you guys have questions or want me to help with cover letters and resumes, leave a comment or email me!

With Love,


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