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Winter Must Have: Earth Tone Scarves

January 4, 2017

Good ‘ol January, after new years there isn’t too much fun that comes after in this month. However, that doesn’t apply to us fashion forward people because we have fun dressing up each day! ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the winter you are constantly wearing a coat, gloves, and a scarf. A scarf is what people see first, so it needs to be perfect.

Earth tones give you a chance to wear a lip, eye, and hair color that pops! Earth tones also give your skin a rich, warm look. The colors include olive green, tan, clay gray, maroon, brown, mustard yellow, rust, plum & navy blue. I’m always pairing my cute coats with my chunky crochet taupe colored scarf. Then I complete the look with a deep red lip color.

I recommend a blanket scarf or an infinity type scarf, they are super fashion forward. They are also very warm, and make a statement. I love the chunky knit look, but I like linen scarves too just incase you bundled up too tight, it lets you breathe.

Also you can throw on a pair of cute earmuffs to really bring the winter look together! If I go the pattern route, this season I’m attracted to plaid. It is a classic pattern, but if you choose plaid make sure it’s the ONLY pattern you have on. I don’t like when my outfit looks all over the place, a good rule of thumb is to have a focal point in your ensembles. Most people don’t like winter because they feel they can’t show of their style completely. However, if you just find great winter pieces that you can mix and match everyday, you can show of your style & be warm! Now doesn’t that sound good?

Hottest Trending Scarf: The alpaca scarf!ย If you are a luxurious type of girl, (you better work it) alpaca scarves are all the rave right now! It is similar to wool just WAY softer, they also look neater than wool. It gives you the chunky knit style, with a luxury look and feel.

Now go out and get you earth tone scarf, throw on a corresponding lip color and strut your stuff like your mama taught you! Comment below if you have a favorite winter accessory!


With Love,

Alaya Scott

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